Free Online Dating Craigslist Alternative "Am I Getting Blown Off?" -- Help This New-to-Dating-Again Guy Out You probably give better advice than most paid advice columnists, right? Well, our token boy, Scott, is ready to take you up on that. Leave a comment with your advice. (Warning: You may wind up on a date with him.) Scott's finally (maybe) ready to dive back into dating but he's still not sure what he's doing. So ladies, let's help him out. Scott's question: "My housemate set me up with her assistant from work, and we hit it off immediately. Unfortunately, after a few dates, she told me she wasn't sure if she felt comfortable dating someone who knows -- and lives with -- her boss. "Should I try to convince her that the situation isn't as complicated as she thinks, or admit that there's already too much baggage and simply move on?