I am often asked, what my pseudonym “Neiz.vesten” means? Lots of people think that Neiz - is my name, and Vesten - my surname. Generally, I don’t mind. So when I’m abroad people call me Neiz. As you’ve probably understood, that’s not my real name. I will say it simply: I am an artist from Russia, and my nickname «neizvesten» means «unknown» in Russian. I live in Bali, Indonesia for the last four years, where I have been actively engaged in traditional tattooing without use of a tattoo machine. I collect different experiences and filter information from different sources. I founded a project called «Neosymbolism» 5 years ago.

I create symbols from scratch based on a person’s uniq keywords, outlook and ideology. For instance, a symbol of a scent, a taste, an emotion or a sound. After creating, I explain how it happened. Do you believe in…? I don’t care, what do you believe in. It could be any religion or even pseudoscience. I strongly believe that everyone has their own matrix of the world and it has the right to exist.

You give me information and I convert it into a series of symbols and characters, pass it through my prism of experience and perception. Every set of symbols is unique and never repeats one another as well as every human being is unique in their own way.

I began to engage in contemporary art recently. This is what you could spent you life on.